Other Lawncare Services

Greenkeeper Lawn Service offers a variety of lawn programs that can keep your lawn looking in top shape throughout the year. Under our 8-step treatment program, if any application fails to deliver the proper results, we will come back free of charge. Please understand that it normally takes 2 to 3 treatments to get your weeds under control. Learn more about our lawn care programs below:

Other Services Include:

  • Core Aeration – We recommend this service for all home lawns. Aeration relieves compaction, allows water and nutrients to more effectively reach the root zone of the grass, and reduces thatch build up.

  • Grub Control – Grubs can be very damaging to your lawn. They eat the roots of the grass and in turn kill the grass. We offer preventative and curative grub treatments.

  • Lawn Fungicide & Disease Control – There are many lawn diseases that can attack your lawn throughout the year. We offer preventative and curative fungicides to help with these problems. We inspect your lawn each time we do a lawn treatment, and will advise you if we notice a problem.

  • Fescue Overseeding – For lawns with too much shade for Bermuda or Zoysia, Fescue overseeding is the answer. We recommend overseeding Fescue annually in the Fall for best results.

  • Fire Ant Control – We offer a one (1) year guarantee with our fire ant control program.

  • Flea & Tick Control – We offer flea & tick control.

  • Mosquito Control – May through October. Mosquitos may find standing water around your home a perfect breeding ground. Mosquitos can carry West Nile Virus, Eastern Encelphalitides and other diseases. Don’t gamble with your health! We will apply a barrier spray to specific areas surrounding your home. Now you can get $10 off your first application and take back your yard!