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Lawn Care

The eight-step lawn care program at Greenkeeper has everything your lawn needs for any time of the year. See what we have to offer to our TN and MS customers!

Tree & Shrub Care

Greenkeeper offers a foliar insecticide, fungicide, and fertilizer care program that includes six-steps to create the healthiest trees and shrubs possible.

Additional Services

In addition to lawn care and tree and shrub care, we are experts in other services like grub control, lawn fungicide and disease control, and core aeration.

The Team at Greenkeeper

Our specialty here at Greenkeeper is lawn care, with a side of many other services! We provide lawn care, tree and shrub care programs, various versions of pest control, and more! If you are looking for a tried and true lawn care program or additional services such as tree and shrub care, we have the services for you!

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Our Eight-Step Lawn Care Program

One of our most popular services is our eight-step lawn care program that spans from the early weeks to spring to the late winter season. We have developed this program with our warm weather in mind, ensuring that your lawn gets a boost at least every few weeks. Whether you have a residential property or commercial property that requires frequent upkeep, our program is suitable for everyone.

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  • "We thought we had lost our beautiful zoysia lawn using a national company to take care of it. Everyone told us to go "local" and we'd find people that not only can do a great job, but want to. Bobby at Greenkeeper was super helpful, insightful and reliable. Within only a few months the lawn looks amazing again. These guys are great. Highly recommended." - Sean

  • "Greenkeeper has been treating our lawn over 30 years across 2 different houses. They keep our lawn looking great and their technicians are very professional." - Lee

  • "I'm very pleased with the services! I'm so glad that we changed our lawn care company. The difference is night and day!! I would recommend Green keeper to everyone!" - Hildi

The Greenkeeper Guarantee

With all of our services, we ask our customers to allow a few days or weeks to see the effectiveness. When the treatment has had time to work but you are not seeing the expected results, Greenkeeper will send out a service technician to assess the issue and take corrective steps at no charge to the customer.*

*This step occurs after the customer has received three consecutive treatments.

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Our Values Are with Our People

Whether it’s our customers or our team, we value people more than profit. We aren’t one of those large corporations that rely on a different under-qualified employee every other month. We’re like a family here, we take the time to get to know each and every customer, and that’s how we go about treating our employees as well. Each new team member is trained and certified in the necessary services so that every customer can trust we are providing services with the knowledge to back it up.

Take a look at our “Yard of the Month”!

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Our Latest Blog Posts

Don't Allow Lawn Munching Grubs to Destroy Your Lawn!

July 26, 2021
Summer is in full effect in both Southern Mississippi and Northern Tennessee. Unfortunately, while we are outside enjoying all the warm air has to offer, grubs are scouring your lawn looking for a place to lay their eggs. Eggs that turn into grass munching and lawn damaging larvae. How can you stay vigilant and help protect your yard? Read on to find out! Then contact the professionals at Greenkeeper for preventive and curative grub control.

Two Common Tree Pests That Plague the Memphis City Area

June 23, 2021
Many different conditions affect trees and shrubs, including diseases and insects. Two common pests are the gypsy moth and emerald ash borer beetle. At Greenkeeper, we offer tree and shrub care services to clients surrounding the Memphis area in Tennessee and Mississippi and can help with these pest infestations.

Five Ways to Combat Mosquitoes in Collierville

May 27, 2021
With our high humidity and abundance of still water sources, Tennessee is full of bothersome mosquitoes. But there are a few things you can do to help reduce the mosquito population in your Collierville area backyard. Here are a few tips and ideas. To fully take control of your outdoor property, contact the professionals at Greenkeeper. We offer an effective mosquito control program that will protect you, your family and pets.