Lawn Care Services in Collierville, TN

Lawn Care Services in Collierville, TN

Rooted here since 1986, Collierville is our home and the Greenkeeper team is our family. Our business values parallel our family values, meaning our customers receive genuine care by professionally trained lawn and pest control specialists, who are just as much part of the Collierville community as we are. 

Sincere, Professional Lawn Care

We want our residential and commercial property owners to experience the daily bliss that comes with looking out at a yard full of thick, green grass and thriving plants uninterrupted by pest damage. When your lawn needs maintenance, treatment, or a face-lift, turn to us at Greenkeeper for a wide range of services paired with the friendliest and most respectful technicians you’ll ever meet.

Our Services:

  • 8-step Lawn Care Program (most popular)
  • Tree and shrub care
  • Core lawn aeration
  • Lawn fungicide and disease control
  • Fescue overseeding
  • Pest control (includes grub control, flea and tick control, and mosquito control)

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Lawn Care

Lawn Care

Our favored 8-step Lawn Care Program relieves you of time-consuming grunt work, guesswork, and exposure that comes with maintaining your residential or commercial property. Our program involves lawn fertilization and weed control applications throughout the year, starting before early spring and going until winter.

Weed Control

Our specialized approach and order of treatments will have your lawn looking better than ever this year, thanks to a series of seasonal pre-emergent weed control applications. The pre-emergents we use are designed to effectively prevent that season’s problem weeds from overtaking your lawn.

  • Early season pre-emergent: Protects against crabgrass and other broadleaf weeds.
  • Late summer/early fall pre-emergent: Protects against poa annua, a grassy weed that emerges during cooler months.
  • Fall pre-emergent: Further protects against winter weeds like onions and henbit.

Lawn Fertilization

Lawn fertilization plays as big a role in our lawn care program as weed control. Turf is its thickest and healthiest when it receives the right nutrients, and you can’t always rely on nature’s inventory to do the job. Regular lawn fertilization feeds grassroots an optimal blend of nutrients that encourage a healthy, resilient, and vibrant lawn.

Our 8-step Lawn Care Program includes several applications of a balanced, slow release fertilizer. This allows your soil to absorb the nutrients steadily and promotes even grass growth. Our lawn fertilization applications happen in spring, early summer, mid-summer, and late summer/early fall (around August or September). 

Lawn Aeration

What separates our lawn aeration service from others is the use of a core aerator. Core aeration uses a machine to puncture your yard’s thatch layer by extracting plugs of dirt from the soil. The new openings allow water, nutrients, and oxygen to reach the grassroots which were previously blocked by thatch build-up.

You need lawn aeration when you notice:

  • Thin spots in your lawn from nutrient-deprived grass.
  • Water is pooling in your yard because thatch build-up is keeping soil from absorbing it.
  • Your soil is unusually hard to dig.
  • Yellow turf and discolored areas.
  • Your grass isn’t growing.

Using a core aerator lets us evenly and efficiently loosen compacted soil, and leaves openings perfect for accepting new grass seed. Following lawn aeration with overseeding ensures your lawn will be sprouting new, strong blades in a matter of weeks, clearing it of dead spots and thinning grass patches.

Mosquito Control

Collierville’s summers are hot, humid, and wet, making our town a hot spot for mosquito activity and making mosquito control necessary. You may notice mosquitoes go from bothersome to unbearable during high season, which generally happens May through October. Other than those months also being the best time to enjoy the outdoors, mosquito swarms carry diseases that can harm you, your family, and your pets.

 Our mosquito control program keeps these bloodthirsty pests from taking over your yard. First, we alert you of sources that are attracting mosquitoes—the biggest being standing water.

Mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water collected in:

  • Birdbaths.
  • Water dishes.
  • Plant pots.
  • Plastic kiddie pools.
  • Wet areas in your lawn.
  • And more.

To handle these relentless pests, we apply a mosquito control barrier around the perimeter of your property. A mosquito-free summer may sound impossible in Tennessee, but our perimeter pest control makes it so.  

Are mosquitoes not your problem? Check out our other Lawn Services including:

  • Grub control.
  • Flea and tick control.
  • Tree pest control.

Our Services

Tree & Shrub Care

Greenkeeper offers a foliar insecticide, fungicide, and fertilizer care program that includes six-steps to create the healthiest trees and shrubs possible.

Lawn Care

The eight-step lawn care program at Greenkeeper has everything your lawn needs for any time of the year. See what we have to offer to our TN and MS customers!

Specialty Lawn Services

In addition to lawn care and tree and shrub care, we are experts in other services like grub control, lawn fungicide and disease control, and core aeration.