Lawn Care In Germantown, TN

Your lawn is the first thing people see when they come to your home, and you have to see it every day. We believe that you deserve to enjoy your property so proper lawn care is imperative. As a full-service lawn care company, we offer lawn fertilization, core aeration, pest management, and more!

We have a signature eight-step lawn care plan that provides pre- and post-emergent application for broadleaf weeds, as well as grub control, mosquito control, and slow-release fertilization. We begin before spring all the way through the winter keeping your lawn lush and pest free all year long. 

All of our lawn care services in Germantown include:

  • A detailed inspection to help us better understand the needs of your lawn.
  • Over 30 years of local experience in lawn maintenance.
  • Affordable services that provide exactly what your turf needs.
  • Professionally trained, licensed, and insured lawn technicians.

Lawn Fertilization in Germantown

Our lawn fertilization program offers a slow-release application This happens several times in spring and summer and then again in the winter. Slow-release lawn fertilization is part of our ever popular, safe and effective eight step treatment. Call us here at Green Keeper lawn care if you’re ready for a lush, pest-free lawn all year round. 

Lawn Aeration in Germantown

Lawn aeration is extremely important for a healthy lawn. Thatch buildup draws destructive pests and keeps grass from absorbing nutrients while also preventing ample water distribution. Aeration will break up the thatch, allowing water and nutrients to reach grass roots. Contact us if your lawn is looking less than what you envision. Let’s get it lush again!

Other benefits of lawn aeration include:

  • Strong grassroots.
  • An increase in drought and heat tolerance.
  • Less soil compaction.
  • More drainage, which reduces standing water and runoff.
  • Greener, healthier grass.
  • And more!

Mosquito Control in Germantown

Mosquitoes carry diseases that are dangerous to both people and pets, including Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, Malaria, Dengue, and more. That’s why we take the health and wellbeing of our customers very seriously and do our part. Between May and October we will apply a barrier that surrounds the perimeter of your property and protects the entire area. We want you to enjoy your yard without the fear of disease. 

Keep your lawn weed and pest-free. Call Greenkeeper at (405) 366-7410 today for a free quote on your property. 

Our Services

Lawn Care

The eight-step lawn care program at Greenkeeper has everything your lawn needs for any time of the year. See what we have to offer to our TN and MS customers!

Specialty Lawn Services

In addition to lawn care and tree and shrub care, we are experts in other services like grub control, lawn fungicide and disease control, and core aeration.

Tree & Shrub Care

Greenkeeper offers a foliar insecticide, fungicide, and fertilizer care program that includes six-steps to create the healthiest trees and shrubs possible.