Lawn Care Services in Arlington, TN

An aerial view of the close-knit town of Arlington shows off its abundance of green. Greenkeeper values this land and our neighbors who reside here. This is what drives us to provide the best lawn care services in the area. 

Since 1986, we’ve operated by treating others the way we want to be treated. Fully committed to this golden rule more than 3 decades later, every interaction you have with Greenkeeper guarantees:

  • Respectful and friendly service.
  • Reliable lawn care.
  • Competent and trained technicians.
  • Effective and safe treatments.
  • Results you want.

We specialize in residential properties, HOA properties, churches, convenience stores, athletic fields, and more. If our services don’t meet your expectations, we will reapply at no cost to you.

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Lawn Fertilization in Arlington, TN

There is a reason lawn fertilization is the star of Greenkeeper’s 8-step Lawn Care Program. A properly fertilized lawn grows vibrant, thick, and healthy because lawn fertilization ensures your grass gets the finest blend of nutrients. Our lawn care program schedules several applications of a balanced, slow-release fertilizer to deliver maximum benefits to your grass throughout the year.

  • Spring Application – Thickens your grass and greens up your yard.
  • Early Summer Application – Fosters root growth and maintains thickness.
  • Summer Application – Enhances turf color and health during the summer heat.
  • Early Fall Application – Prepares lawn for the cool season ahead.
  • Winter Application – Lime is added to increase the effectiveness of lawn fertilization.

We pair specialized pre-emergent weed control applications with our lawn fertilization service to deliver the healthy, weed-free lawn you expect from a lawn care business with over 30 years of experience. Weed control treatments are included in our 8-step lawn care program to eliminate the various types of weeds that litter Arlington lawns during each season.

Lawn Aeration in Arlington, TN

If fertilizer and weed control treatments can’t penetrate below the surface of your soil to reach your grassroots, your lawn care investment is wasted on compacted soil. Lawn aeration is a process that loosens soil compaction and thatch build-up to open pathways for water, oxygen, and nutrients to reach your grassroots. While it is an essential service for any lawn care routine, it is easy to overlook.

Signs You Need Lawn Aeration:

  • Soil is tough to dig and uncomfortable to play on.
  • There are yellow and thinning areas in your lawn.
  • Grass growth has stunted or halted completely.
  • The ground isn’t absorbing water very well.
  • Lawn disease control is not as effective.

Greenkeeper uses a core aerator in our lawn aeration service to remove plugs of dirt from your soil and relieve compaction. The new openings allow your grassroots to benefit from nature’s supply of water, air, and sunlight along with nutrients from lawn fertilization. Following lawn aeration with overseeding quickly replaces bald areas with new grass.

Mosquito Control in Arlington, TN

Mosquitoes escalate from bothersome to unbearable during the months of May through October, and it is not because your tolerance has weakened or your store-bought mosquito control sprays are ineffective. Arlington summers provide mosquitoes with irresistibly ideal weather to breed, swarm, and ruin 4th of July fireworks.

Greenkeeper’s mosquito control program stops these party crashers by protecting your property with a pest control barrier that repels mosquitoes and aids in tick control. As for the mosquitoes actively residing on your property, our mosquito control applications wipe them out by targeting standing water sources and reducing the population of these disease-transferring insects.

In addition to our mosquito control program, we provide a menu of insect control services to transform your lawn into the sanctuary you deserve.

Greenkeeper’s Additional Pest Control Services:

  • Flea and Tick Control
  • Grub Control
  • Tree Pest Control
  • Lawn Disease Control

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In addition to lawn care and tree and shrub care, we are experts in other services like grub control, lawn fungicide and disease control, and core aeration.

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Greenkeeper offers a foliar insecticide, fungicide, and fertilizer care program that includes six-steps to create the healthiest trees and shrubs possible.